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Welcome to survey on women's and men's equality and occupational well-being

The survey is conducted anonymously to find out views and experiences on overtime work, career advancement, working atmosphere and management, coping with workload, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, balancing work and family life, and equality in the organization. The objective of the survey is to study the equality situation of your organization and the survey findings will be used in drawing up an equality plan.

Your answers will be treated confidentially and it will not be possible to link your name to your responses. The respondents' anonymity is protected also by restricting the reporting of the findings by background variable category so that if there are fewer than five respondents the survey results are not reported (for example, if the respondents include fewer than five men, the results are not shown). When at least twenty persons have responded, the administrator of the survey can print the report on the results of the organization. In addition, your anonymous responses can be treated statistically at the Work Research Centre of the Tampere University.