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Equality Survey

Welcome to the survey to develop your work community!

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This survey tool (Finnish, Swedish and English) enables workplaces to gather views and experiences on occupational well-being and the realization of equality.

The survey includes questions among other things about the working atmosphere, management, and discrimination. The personnel of the workplace complete the questionnaire anonymously. After the survey has ended, the organizations obtain automatically a report on the findings. The obtaining of the report requires that at least 20 persons in the workplace have filled in the questionnaire.

The survey tool has been developed to facilitate the preparing of the mandatory equality plan. The survey tool can be used free of charge. It is a versatile tool for supporting organizations in their efforts to develop their personnel in workplaces. The survey can also be repeated which makes it possible to follow the development of the equality situation.

The survey tool has been developed at the Work Research Centre of the University of Tampere funded by ESR and it is now maintained and funded by the Ombudsman for Equality. The survey tool can be used by the organization within 24 hours from the administrator’s registration.